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[Condor-users] Re: Condor and PATH_MAX

Following up on my own post...

>> I have hit a problem with Condor and PATH_MAX.
>> When opening a file, if the path length is >= 239 and <= 243 or ==
>> 246 then it exits with signal 11.  If the path length is >= 244 and
>> <= 252 and != 246 then it goes into an infinite loop where the
>> ShadowLog shows over and over again "Requesting Primary Starter",
>> but there is never any indication of why the shadow exits.
>> I am guessing there is some kind of buffer overrun which is causing
>> various kinds of problems depending on how much is overwritten.  My
>> understanding is that Condor supports POSIX's PATH_MAX of 256.
>> This is Condor 6.6.2.  Is this a known problem?

Lookup through the release notes for 6.6.6 I see:

 Fixed a problem where the condor_starter could crash if the job it
 was running used Condor's file transfer mechanism and the full path
 names to the job's files became longer than a few hundred characters.

So I updated to 6.6.8 on Friday and relinked my executables.

Now if the path length is >= 242 and <= 246 it exits with signal 11.
If the path length is >= 247 it goes into the infinite loop.  So the
behavior has changed, but it isn't fixed.

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