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RE: [Condor-users] about scheduling algorithm in condor and condor-g

Hi Ian,

Thanks for your suggestion,
I am now reading your discussion with Matt and Dan.
Quite a long discussion though :)

By the way, I am really interested in knowing more details about the
scheduling algorithm in condor, condor-g and globus. anyone has idea about

May I ask where I can find your reply to Robert mentioned below please?


>> Hi,
>> I am new to condor and condor-g.
>> I think that both condor and condor-g are scheduler for the
>> jobs in the queue. However, May I ask a question on the
>> scheduling algorithm used by condor and condor-g, are they
>> using FIFO? can I change the scheduling algorithm in it?
>> Thanks,
>> Carson
> Carson,
> Search the archives for "When do machine RANK settings apply?" my
> message dated January 12, 2005 details one way I've managed to mutate
> condor into an almost job-priority based queueing system. There's
> actually a new piece of information that I'm about to post in response
> to Robert Parrott's post titled "Default User priority factor" that may
> also interest you and was necessary to get our job-priority based stuff
> working. It's not 100% perfect, but it's good enough.
> To the condor team: pluggable negotiation algorithms would be a very
> nice feature. :-)
> - Ian
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