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RE: [Condor-users] Rank expression

> I'm having a strange problem with the rank expression (Condor 
> 6.6.8, windowsXP). I want my Job to use a Machine which is 
> "unclaimed" (and of course "idle", I just added the idle for 
> testing) and has lots of memory and mips. There are 4 PCs, 
> one slow and three fast. I submited two Jobs, the first ran 
> on a fast machine and *of course* the second Job ran on the 
> slow machine!? At the submitting time all four machines were 
> "idle" and "unclaimed". This happened every time I tried it. 
> The rank expression looks like this:
> In the DAG (this \"\"\" looks strange but it's OK I think):
> VARS Ba rankExpB = " ((TARGET.Activity == 
> \"\"\"idle\"\"\")*10000) + ((TARGET.State == 
> \"\"\"Unclaimed\"\"\")*10000) + (TARGET.mips) +
> (TARGET.memory) " 
> In the sub file:
> rank = $(rankExpB)
> What is wrong here??
> (I used condor_findhost -r ... to check the expression. It 
> returns me one of the fast Machines! ) 
> regards,
>     Matthias

Unclaimed and Idle are necessary for your job to be assigned to a
machine. You don't need those in your rank expression. Condor won't
assign your job to a machine if it's not unclaimed and idle.

But I'm not a dagman user so maybe I'm talking out of context here.

- Ian