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Re: [Condor-users] Condor problems

There are no errors from the /bin/ls command but no output either.

The last example using the fibanocci numbers does indeed give the expected output.


Jaime Frey wrote:

On Mon, 14 Feb 2005, Darryl Cook wrote:

Actually I see in the condor_q that the job completes but I get no
output from the /bin/ls command. I dont see any errors though to give
me a clue as to why. I did find an article though on the condor site
that says shell scripts wont run unless the Condor administrator has
opted to do a full install of condor_compile. Begin that Condor
Administrator :-) I dont really know whether that is the case or not.
I do know that if I say condor_compile /bin/sh <shell script> that I
get a usage statement back saying to use gcc, cc etc etc..so I am
thinking maybe that is why it isnt giving me any output back on the
/bin/ls executable.

Are you also capturing the error for the job? Is it empty as well?

I ran the fib example a little differently putting in the universe and
globuscheduler commands.  What if I run it with the following which did
run successfully:

Executable = fibonacci
globusscheduler = node1.cs.appstate.edu/jobmanager-fork
Output = fib.out
Log = foo.log
Queue 1

would this imply that condor-g ran successfully or if not how do I test
it ??

Did fib.out contain the output you expected?

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