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[Condor-users] questions about job , user priority and machine rank


After reading Ian's email (very helpful, thanks alot) about ranking.
I think I have more understanding about how's condor or condor-g schedule

I think they are first looking at the user priority to decide how many
machines you will get, the looking at the jobs priority and machine
ranking to decide who's jobs run first and match to which machines, Am I

If so, does this concept also apply to condor-g i.e. the machines or
resources in fact are the grid sites, but not cluster?

Other than that, I am a little bit confuse about Ranking and priority, it
seems that the higher rank (I mean the number), the machine should be
chosen. For higher priority (I mean the number also), the jobs should not
be chosen. Should be reverse to that of rank, right?

One more questions about retirementtime, I am not so understand what it
means, it means the amount of time the jobs can be run without preempted?

Sorry for sending long emails and hope that someone can help me with that.
I am mainly working on scheduling in condor-g, and I am looking at condor
now to see if the scheduler's issue applied to condor-g also.