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[Condor-users] AFS & Condor


I'm planning to install condor on an AFS cell. What I'm planning to do, is this:

- /afs/cell.name/proj/condor -> /afs/cell.name/proj/condor.@sys
- install condor (linux 2.4) in /afs/cell.name/proj/condor.i386_linux24
- install condor (linux 2.6) in /afs/cell.name/proj/condor.i386_linux26
- install condor (macosx) in /afs/cell.name/proj/condor.ppc_darwin_70
- have all symlinks for bin, sbin & co on @sys

Every user using an afs account will have rights to read and write on
/afs/cell.name/proj/condor-jobs, acl based on ip addresses will allow writing on this volume.

Now the questions :)

Has anyone a configuration like this one?

Is it necessary a condor user? I don't think so...

How to install condor on AFS with the minimum amount of waste? I mean, when I will install it on linux, I will do it first on the job submitting machine... How to make the other linux machines aware of condor if I share binaries and configurations?

I'm quite confused using AFS... but it's the smartest way of sharing data across multiple machines...

Can you give me some hints, suggestions...?

Franco Milicchio <mailto:milicchio@xxxxxxxx>

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