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Re: [Condor-users] how can a condor job connect on a Map network drive for windows platform?

well..in the condor submit file  will look like this
executable = will be a windows .bat file.
arguments = will be the arguments to pass in to the bat file.

In the bat file the first line will be the windows "net" command. read about it on the internet. this command will mount your drives and assign letters to them...basiically you are assigning a letter to a UNC path.
then on teh next lines of your bat file you can set environment variables..etc...
and on the last line you specify a command to execute.

you can pass arguments set within the submit file in to a bat file too. i think the syntax is %1 for argument 1...%2 for argument 2..etc..again please read about this in a windows scripting book to learn more.