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[Condor-users] Mac OS X condor startup at boot problems


  I'm having trouble getting the condor daemons
to start at boot on a 10.3.8 machine.

  I've installed various startup scripts in both
/Library/StartupItems & /System/Library/StartupItems
and verified the structure of the directory is correct
and runs.  When I run the script manually at a root
prompt 'SystemStarter start Condor' or './Condor start'
everything starts just fine.  It's only when those are
run at boot time there seems to be a problem.

  I thought at first that it might have been a problem
with SystemStarter so I added startup code to the /etc/rc
file (after the SystemStarter has run) and still no luck.

  I'm beginning to think there is something about this
funny Apple 'Bootstrap Context' that might be getting
in the way.

  In anyone else experiencing problem with boot time
startup on Mac OS X?