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Re: [Condor-users] AFS & Condor

Steffen Grunewald wrote:
Nice, but what's the point of having it kernel-dependent?
AFAIK, Condor is dependent on glibc versions (since standard universe
libs would replace it) and thus on Linux distros/versions

Nothing except having @sys working on different kernels, naturally, the binary used will be the same, probably a static distribution.

YOu really want to have transient data on AFS?
My guts tell me that there'd be better ideas...

Do you suggest a local scratch partition writable by anyone in a group? I have one of course :)

Obviously there have been requests for AFS support, but if you read the
corresponding parts of section 3.3 in the manual (USE_AFS=...) you might
get the impression that it's no good for everything

Of course, but a suggestion doesn't mean it won't work :) I use mailboxes on afs, and they work even though they're not suggested to be there.

From reading the docs, it's better to run the daemons *not* as root...

Of course, that's why on a stand-alone aix I have a condor user, I was just thinking about letting users start and stop deamons if they need. They'll be instructed about a good behaviour of course!

AFS is powerful indeed, but
- standard universe doesn't rely on shared resources at all
- there's NFS

I have more than 100 users, 80 machines, and SSO is something users want to have, have the same desktop everywhere from linux to osx. NFS is a shared resource while AFS is a real distributed file system.

what's the point of using AFS for everything Condor? (It's probably OK
for the RELEASE_DIR, but everything else I would not put onto AFS. Try
to convert me.)

The reason is this: do not bother about location since your jobs will be usually of /afs/cell.name/usr/username, no matter what machine you're using (user's point of view) --- another is, having a working infrastructure used for everything (web, mail, nntp...) based on K5/LDAP, and do not bother about new users, new stuff to install on each workstation (@sys is powerful).

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Sure... had a good laugh the first time...

Yeah... probably adding just ``Attach one and'' before ``Press'' would have worked it out better... :)

Franco Milicchio <mailto:milicchio@xxxxxxxx>

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