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[Condor-users] new condor install broken

Hi All,
I did a new install of condor 6.6.8 on my grid3 gatekeeper, and all the compute nodes. It is located in a different directory now. I updated the setup.sh script. Everything on the server side looks ok. I don't see any errors in the condor logs. All my nodes appear with condor_status. But I cannot submit a job! I get the error below. I don't see an errors in the globus-gatekeeper.log file either. What other log file would I look in? Are there any other modifications I have to make to get this new install to work?

globus-job-run tier2-01.uchicago.edu/jobmanager-condor /bin/hostname
GRAM Job failed because the job failed when the job manager attempted to run it (error code 17)

Thanks, Andrew