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[Condor-users] v6.6.8, Windows XP, universes and condor_store_cred.


I'm confused about the usefulness of condor_store_cred. Can anyone help me understand this please?

We've been using v6.4.7 without DAGman or Condor-g for ~2 years on Windows XP clients + server and recently moved the server to Windows Server 2003. We have around 250 running nodes and usually 10-15 users submitting from their own desktops. Typically there are up to 5,000 jobs in the queue, but several times a year there are 50,000. We are well used to jobs running as the local user condor_reuse_vm1 and having to squirt data around using file transfer. A migration to v6.6.8 is imminent - the bugfix list looks very attractive!

v6.6.8 manual section 6.2.1 states "The ability to run the job with the same credentials as the submitting user is not yet supported. Instead, Condor will use a set of accounts (one per VM) with minimal access rights to run the job." Fine, as per v6.4.7.

In the v6.6.8 manual command reference section condor_store_cred is described as "condor store cred stores the password of a user/domain pair securely in the Windows registry. Using this stored password, Condor is able to run jobs with the user ID of the submitting user when running scheduler universe jobs and DAGMan."

When might the scheduler universe be used in Windows?

If I'm using just the vanilla universe without DAGman, condor_store_cred doesn't appear to offer anything. Can I turn it off?

Should I consider using DAGman?


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