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Re: [Condor-users] [CFI] Open source Condor GUI

Hello Filip,

I would be glad to see your work well integrated within the Condor environment.
I ran Sun's GridEngine for one year before switching to CONDOR :
SGE GUI seemed appealing to my users (I used it but worked mainly with the CLI and my own scripts).

It would be very useful to browse the various log files when struggeling to debug the daemon's behavior.

	Thanks for your work,


filipdef@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
[Call for Interest: Open Source GUI to Condor]

 Hi All,

 We have integrated Condor into our asset management solution
 a while back, and decided it was time for us to give something
 back to the Condor community, in the form of our graphical interface
 to condor. We feel lack of a gui is one of the major hurdles
 for condor to gain more widespread usage in the digital production

 I've put a couple of screenshots of our gui at
 http://www.cirquedigital.com/private/condor/ as the list
 doesn't seem to like large posts.

 The gui is pretty complete (views of + operations on machines, live
 queue, past render jobs) and currently supports maya and 3dsmax, but is
 fully configurable to support additional rendering engines easily
 (XSI + shake coming real soon). There are some dependencies currently
 between the GUI and our asset management stuff, but we'll
 eliminate those over the next week or two and then officially release
 the gui. It will most likely be released under the ASF license
 and is written entirely in Java (including the job startup

 I would like to poll the list to see if there are people interested
 in collaborating on this open source GUI and if there's
 enough interest in an open source GUI for Condor.

 Even though it's pretty complete right now, it'd be great to be able to
 support many more render engines, integrate tighter with Condor
 (right now using the command lines), put in some fancier
 features (such as remote submit to other pools) and so on.
 It would be especially great if some condor people could
 get involved as well..

 If you are interested in participating, please email me
 (filipdef@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx). For the rest -- stay tuned
 for the release beginning of March.


 - Filip

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