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RE: [Condor-users] v6.6.8, Windows XP, universes and condor_store_cred.

> If you can find a way to trigger a store cred on password 
> change I would suggest using it since the grief you get if 
> the job triggers preemptions across half your farm is 
> immense...sadly this isn't possible for me
> It would be nice if someone from Condor could someone 
> indicate if this is a fixable problem or not...

I second this request. I actually meant to file this as a bug: there
should, at the very least, be an error message in the log file for an
experiement specific to a job failing to run because of credential
issues. This would allow people using the Perl monitor routines to at
least hold remaining jobs in a cluster upon encountering a permission
error. Right now there's no way to decipher that it was credentials that
kept the job from running when you're only looking at the log file for a

- Ian C.