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[Condor-users] Vacating job and attaching meta data for the next host to take over the vacated job

Hello Everyone!

I am using condor to drive an hybride windows\linux 3d renderfarm.
I have developed a perl wrapper to trap signals sent when ever vacating the
job such that proper cleanup can be done.

Q1) is it possible for that wrapper to "attach" some custom data back to the
vacated job, such that the next machine taking over the vacated job, would
be able to re-use that meta-data/custom data to speed up processing ( the
data is not large, but long to compute)?

Also, when rendering 4K resolution 3d plates, it can take a lot of time to
render it as you might know. In order to avoid losing precious rendering
time, it would be silly to vacate a job when the job is 80% to 90%
completed. my the wrapper can determine the render progression which now
leads to those extra questions

Q2) Is there a way to make that render progression ( percentage ) available
such that condor_status / condor_q can display it for all the hosts
rendering a job?

Q3) can this "render progression" information can be used by the job
scheduler to determine if vacating is applicable? basically I looking for
ways to "vacate at next frame". for example setting priority to +20 whenever
render progression has reach 80% or more, so it can't be vacated, once the
frame is done, the priority return to original.

Tx for your help.