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Re: [Condor-users] [newbie] force job on multiple machines

On Tue February 22 2005 12:43 am, Chaitanya Hazarey wrote:
> Hi,
> I have coded a small program in c to make millions of comparisons to a
> given input string , and have successfully run on the condor machines.
> My problem is that  I have got 3 idle machines but this job tends to
> run on one machine only. Can't I force condor to run the job
> simultaneously on more than one machines ?

This isn't a password crack, is it?

The above implies that your program is just a single thread of execution that 
does all processing.  If that's the case, condor can't do anything to help -- 
it doesn't "split up" a job over multiple CPUs.

If, on the other hand, you've built your program such that it process a subset 
of the string list, for example, then you can submit each subset as a 
different job, perhaps something like this:

universe = vanilla
executable = /home/myuser/bin/process
arguments = a-c
arguments = d-f

Just a rough example -- I don't know enough about your problem domain to go 
any further.  You could also look into MPI, PVM or MW.

> And whatever I do i cannot change the value of MaxHosts=1 in the
> condor_submit -long cvh_pass.cmd output, what do I have to do to
> change this setting ?

Unless your job is MPI or PVM, that's the correct behaviour.


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