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[Condor-users] Mac OS X Boot Startup problems resolved.

I wanted to put this in the record.

The problems I was having getting our Mac's
to run the Condor daemons at boot was due
two issues:

  - We are using Apple's OpenDirectory for
    centralized authentication and authorization
    (it's Kerberos + OpenLDAP).  The Condor
    startup script was running before individual
    systems had 'DirectoryServices' running
    and able to answer queries.  In particular
    it had no idea who the user 'condor' was.

  - We are also auto-mounting NFS home
    directories and again these weren't available
    at the time the startup was attempted.

We moved the startup of Condor as late as I
could determine was possible with

  Description     = "System Specific configuration";
  Provides        = ("Condor");
  Requires        = ("Multiuser Login Prompt");
  OrderPreference = "last";

This turned out to be insufficent so we also stuck a 'sleep 60' in the startup script just before starting condor_master.

Hope this helps anyone else depending on Apple's
new OpenDirectory.