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[Condor-users] Machine not releasing CurrentRank

I'm running Condor 6.7.3 and have configured a machine for "special" jobs - boosting the RANK. When the user sets the appropriate attribute, in his submit file, the special job (cluster) runs as expected, preempting (using MaxJobretirementTime) running jobs as needed. (My reference for this structure is the Bologna Batch paper.)

SpecialServer = True
IsSpecialJob = ( Target.SpecialJob =?= True && $(IsVanillaJob)
RANK = $(IsSpecialJob)


+SpecialJob = True

User A submits a special job. Other user jobs are queued (not special). User A then submits jobs that are *not* special. Once the user A special jobs are done the not-special user A jobs and do not allow any jobs of users B or C to run. The priorities are such that they should run. And if a similar job mix - without any special jobs - is run then the priorities correctly schedule jobs.

When I check the machine classad when the special jobs are running, CurrentRank = 1.000. The machine does not "release" that rank so when I check while the not-special jobs are running I see the same value.

What is happening? And is there something I can do to make the machine release the rank correctly?

Doak Bane