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Hi -

The Condor Manual says the following about the MASTER_CHECK_NEW_EXEC_INTERVAL setting:

	This macro controls how often the condor_master checks the
	timestamps of the running daemons. If any daemons have been
	modified, the master restarts them. It is defined in seconds and
	defaults to 300 (every 5 minutes)."

I have two questions about this:

- Presumably this means that the condor_master checks the timestamps on
  the executable files which were used to start the daemons to see if
  those files have changed, and *NOT* that it examines the image of the
  running daemons to see if the running daemons have been altered?

- What happens if set this setting to 0?  Does that disable the check, or
  does it just mean that the condor_master constantly checks the



Bruce Beckles,
e-Science Specialist,
University of Cambridge Computing Service.