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Please can someone from the Condor Team please provide some documentation for the "SIGNIFICANT_ATTRIBUTES" setting? The only thing I can find is a few brief mentions of it on slides in various presentations.

I'm assuming that the correct format is:
	SIGNIFICANT_ATTRIBUTES = <Job ClassAd attribute>,<Job ClassAd attribute> ...
	SIGNIFICANT_ATTRIBUTES = Owner,Cmd,Requirements

But is the value of those attributes ANDed or what?, i.e. does the above example mean that all jobs with the same owner *and* the same executable *and* the same job requirements will be considered as the same for matching purposes (i.e. if we can't match one, don't bother trying to match any others in this negotiation cycle)?

And does SIGNIFICANT_ATTRIBUTES have to be set for the schedd or the negotiator (or both?) or some other daemon completely?



Bruce Beckles,
e-Science Specialist,
University of Cambridge Computing Service.