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[Condor-users] OS X/Darwin CondorLoadAvg = 0?


  I've worked through all the other problems I've had gettning
Condor running on the OS X cluster but I'm stuck on this one.
If anyone has seen this and can offer any help I would be
very grateful.

  I've got dual 2.5GHz machines and I'm trying to schedule
two jobs to each idle machine.

  I believe what's going on is:

1 - the scheduler sees two processors idle on the Mac moves
    them to Unclaimed/IDLE

2 - the scheduler assigns jobs to the two processors

3 - the scheduler sees LoadAvg = 2 and CondorAvg = 1 so it
    suspends one of the jobs on the basis that the owner
    of the machine is creating a NonCondor load.

  So the machines stabalize running exactly one job on
every machine with  LoadAvg = 1 and CondorLoadAvg = 0

  I've tried both versions 6.6.8 and 6.7.3 trying to
resolve the issue.  

  Thank-you for any help/pointers!