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RE: [Condor-users] Possible Limitation Condor vs Perl / IPC::open3>>>PROBLEM was found, solution to be investigated

Hello Ian,
	I am trying to get your suggestion to work, and I run into some
	I have looked at the documentation, and could find an example
for it.

| to your submission ticket. Or if you just want to copy a few 
| environment variables you can do so by adding:
| environment = PATH|PERL5LIB

It is possible to give me an example, since I can't get the PATH env var
to show up
In the list of env var present when a job start.

Here what I have done

1) added the following line under my condor_config.local

Restart condor, test, didn't work

2) Add the following line to my submit file

Tested and didn't work

3) Added environment=PATH to submit file, while STARTER_JOB_ENVIRONMENT
was defined in the condor_config.local
Tested and didn't work.

I am missing something obvious here ;)
Tx again