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[Condor-users] Greetings, and rtgen over Condor

Hi all,

I'm an absolutely new starter with Condor (5 hours!).

Our intended use is to distribute rainbow table generation over the
corporate spare CPU cycles, so it's going to be all-Windows based.

Usually when I make my first post to a mailing list is to ask some stupid
question, but not this time.

I had Condor 6.6.10 for Win up and running in a few pilot boxes in no time,
and run rtgen using a .sub adapted from the rc5.sub in the examples.

I was a cluster-guy. Now I think that I'll definitely become a grid-guy ;-)

Congratulations to the Condor Team for this product.

If anyone is interested in rtgen usage on a Condor pool, feel free to
exchange experiences! I'm particularly interested in knowing if there're any
drawbacks of using Condor in this scenario, where biiiiig files are
generated on each node.



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