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Re: [Condor-users] more about how to execute a perl program

Hi Gia,

> I want to use Condor to execute a perl program. I
> logined into a machine A and submited job. Through
> Condor, machine A threw jobs to other machines. But
> the problem was that     perl modules which my program
> needs to run were not available in other machines. But
> I don't have root permission in other machines.
> What should I do ? 

Since you're not root you cannot install Perl modules 
to the proper places. You could still put them into a
shared directory where you have write permission, and
configure your environment in such a way that the modules
are found.

Since you're not root you cannot modify the ClassAds of
the machines - but you still can query them one by one and
set your Requirements to select from the ones that have the
proper set of modules installed.

And there's a third solution to your problem that I don't see
at the moment...