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RE: [Condor-users] Greetings, and rtgen over Condor

Found the reason of the problem. The .exe requires a certain .dll, that for
some reason was present in the pilot systems, but not in the production
ones... Grrrrrr
I confirmed that after verifying that a script doing

	echo "xxx" > foo.bar


The destination path specified as E:/ works, so I'm leaving it as you

Now I've the problem that the nodes are not accepting the job for some
The only change was that I added the following line to the .sub:

	Transfer_input_files = libeay32.dll,charset.txt

(the above is according to point 4 in section 7.4 of the user manual, and
the easiest for me to setup).

And now condor_q -analyze tells me:

	4 rejected your job because of their own requirements
	4 match, match, but rejected the job for unknown reasons

So it seems that they don't like to receive the DLL. Is there any way to
solve that (OTHER than manually copying the DLL to all nodes and/or trying
the other 3 options in the manual)??



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>        Initialdir = E:\

I would imagine the change to initialdir is the problem. (I think you would
be ok using e:/ incidentally)


> Inspecting the log file shows that the jobs finished OK. It can also 
> be monitored using condor_q during the few seconds it is running. 
> However, the logs show "0 - Run bytes sent by job", when I expect the 
> table to be transferred back.

Try doing exactly the same thing but replace your exe with a batch file that
does "touch foo.bar" and see if it comes back. If it doesn't start looking
into the schedd and shadow logs to see what it is saying. The condor daemon
may be unable to write to the e:\ location.

The other thing to check is that the files created by rtgen are in the same
directory as before (i.e. the directory the command is launched in). But I
am guessing that hasn't changed


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