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RE: [Condor-users] Question about $(Process)

Hi Matt,

Thanks a lot for your answer.
I imagined an approach in line with your second suggestion.
The reason for my question is that during the process of generating A LOT of
rainbow tables, you've to increment the table index to ensure that you don't
get 250 copies of THE SAME table (a very nasty situation, I imagine).
The typical syntax would be:

	rtgen {algorithm} {min_len} {max_len} {table index} {chain legth}
{chain count} {comment}

So, for example, to generate 200 rainbow tables covering LM from 1 to 7
characters, I can do (I'm inventing the figures, use a rainbow table
calculator to get the best values!):

	rtgen lm 1 7 $(Process) 9000 40000000 hello

And I'll get tables indexed from 0 to 199, that's fine.

But if I want to create 100 tables now, and 100 tables later (for whatever
reason...) I have to start the second batch at 100, not at 0.

Your option (3) is definitely the best one, and perhaps there's other people
out there that can profit from it. In my particular case scripting a bit
should be enough.

The only reason I've RIGHT NOW for wanting to do series of tables instead of
the whole run is a bit of a stupid one: the lack of a disk big enough (in
the Condor server) to host 250 tables... I've plenty of space in the final
box, but the server is using an external USB drive at the moment.
Another possibility would be to briefly HOLD the jobs running, disconnect
the USB drive, move the files to the final box, reconnect it, and remove the
hold status. If this is not going to break running jobs it could be a simple
solution for me.



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On 7/4/05, Miguel Dilaj <mdilaj@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Got rtgen up and running, thanks for the suggestions!
> I've a question. I know that I can have unique filenames with things 
> like: output-$(Process).txt, etc. Is there any way to indicate that I 
> want that index to start with a value different than zero???

directly with condor, sadly no. $(Process) is evaluated as a string not a
numeric so fun such as $(Process) + 1 won't work.


1) hacky and wasteful but simple.

say you actually want from 1-n rather than from 0-n
Submit n+1 jobs but have the 0th job die (nicely if possible but if not just
ignore the resulting failure)

2) Wrap your job in a script which is capable of interpreting the process as
a number (either as an argument or as part of the
environment) and adjusting accordingly.
This is heavily dependant on the scripting language being available on all
execute machines.

3) ask nicely for the condor team to consider an extension of the syntax to
coerce variables as numbers perhaps via $(= ($(Process) + 1) / 2  )

though this begs the question of whether you are using integral, fixed or
floating point literals and arithmetic :)


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