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RE: [Condor-users] Can Condor create more than one VM onsingleprocessor machines?

> Hi all,
> Well... To be honest I don't think we have MANY SMP boxes. We need to
> power
> of using many machines, but I don't particularly care about each CPU.
> I think that my requirements will become:
>      Requirements = ( (OpSys == "WINNT50") || (OpSys == "WINNT51") )
> (VirtualMachineID == 1)
> and that should be enough.
> Thanks for all the answers!

The downside to NOT turning off the single-cpu machines that are
reporting two VMs is that you're halving your available resources on the
VMs on those boxes. For example: if you had a single CPU, hyperthreaded,
box that was reporting VM1 and VM2 then VM1 reports half the total
machine memory and VM2 reports half the total memory. So if you had a
job that needed more than half the memory (i.e. it had ImageSize set) in
that machine it couldn't run on the box, even if you have defined
(VirtualMachineID ==1).

I'd say it's worth your while to sort out your VMs so your startds are
reporting exactly what you expect them to report. Otherwise you could be
locking some jobs out of some resources unnecessarily.

- Ian