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RE: [Condor-users] Can Condor create more than one VM on singleprocessor machines?

I've also tried to disable hyperthread counting on our Dell servers by setting COUNT_HYPERTHREADED_CPUS=false and I can confirm that it DOES NOT work. I ended up disabling hyperthreading in the bios.

This is with the 6.7.x series. No clue if this works or not with 6.6.x builds.

- Ian

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Normally my PC shows 2 VMs with half the total RAM. This is a PIV running WinXP and condor 6.6.10 
I've tried options 2), 3) and 4) and get: 
2) works and reports one machine with all RAM 
3) works and reports one vm1@ with half RAM 
4) doesn't seem to work, no change, i.e. still 2 VMs with half RAM each 
Any ideas why 4) isn't working? 
*************************** From Matt Hope ***************************************************************** 
those machines have HyperThreading enabled. 
suggestion - 
1) get it switched off in the BIOS. 
2) set NUM_CPUS = 1 
I suggest 4 as the cleanest while still let HT stay on but 1 as the 
safeest (If you don't know about the HT state on a cluster you likely 
don't want it) 
If instead you are luckyeenough to have some dual core machines then 
enjoy having the additional cpu power witbhout the power tradeoffs. If 
network or disk bandwidth is more important use option 3 to only have 
one vm per machine 
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