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Re: [Condor-users] MPI 1.2.5 and condor: timetable

At 08:34 AM 7/6/2005 -0400, Robert E. Parrott wrote:

Can anybody provide information on when the condor  6.7 series will
support MPI versions other than 1.2.4 and earlier?

We have an HPF code that needs PGI compilers to compile, and they use
v1.2.5 at this time. Information about future condor support would
help greatly in establishing a planning timetable for getting this
code running with condor.

I'm not online as I write this email, so I can't double-check everything, but last I knew, the plan was to have the new parallel universe in 6.7.9 (the next 6.7.x release). If something goes/went wrong, then it may be in 6.7.10.

That said, the new parallel universe is different from the old MPI universe, and there may be little or not documentation initially. It's not too hard to use, but you will need the documentation.

Hopefully we will get some documentation online quickly, but feel free to email condor-admin@xxxxxxxxxxx to request preliminary documentation. If there is enough demand, we can probably post something to condor-users as well.

My understanding is that the new parallel universe supports the latest version of MPICH. It has been tested on Unix with:

* mpich 1.2.6
* mpich 1.2.4
* lam 7.1.1
* lam 6.5.9

Chances are good that it will work with MPICH 1.2.5.