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Re: [Condor-users] Using the value returned by an external program in a MACRO

Sumanth J.V wrote:

Could you tell me where I can find more documentation on this. I couldn't find much on the hawkeye page on the condor site.

"you can use the hawkeye "cron" functionality directly in your existing condor startd installation, you don't need a seperate "hawkeye_startd" running or anything like that."

The manual section that covers this is here:


Below, I've pasted an example of how I happen to be using this "startd cron job" feature. The following lines may be placed in condor_config or in the local config file. Some of the lines are long, so they might wrap around on your screen:

#Start with an empty list of cron jobs

#Run some machine tests every 24 hours
STARTD_CRON_JOBS = $(STARTD_CRON_JOBS) test_machine::/afs/hep.wisc.edu/cms/sw/test_machine/bin/test_machine_hawkeye:24h
STARTD_CRON_test_machine_ARGS = /var/condor/test_machine

#Every 10 minutes, check that AFS is available.
STARTD_CRON_JOBS = $(STARTD_CRON_JOBS) has_afs::/condor/sbin/has_afs:10m
STARTD_CRON_has_afs_ARGS = hep.wisc.edu

#Every 30 minutes, publish some info about the OS installation.
STARTD_CRON_JOBS = $(STARTD_CRON_JOBS) os_info::/afs/hep.wisc.edu/cms/sw/hawkeye/os_info/os_info:30m

Here's an example of the sort of output produced by the scripts (in this case, os_info):

OSRedHatRelease = "Scientific Linux SL Release 3.0.4 (SL)"
OSIssue = "Scientific Linux SL Release 3.0.4 (SL)"
OSKernelRelease = "2.4.21-27.0.2.EL"
OSlibc6 = "libc-2.3.2.so"
OSglibc_major = 2
OSglibc_minor = 3
OSglibc_micro = 3

--Dan Bradley