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RE: [Condor-users] Really slow job submission...

How do I tell it to do that?
Do you mean have it only store the sub file on the remote schedd rather
than filling the spool folder on the remote schedd with all the per-task



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Tell condor to put the submit files on the local hard drive and not a 
network one if thats what you are doing.

I submit around 400 fames of animation and it takes sometimes 20 seconds

or so even when we store all the files on the network.

3D Artist / Digital Infrastructure Developer

Sean Looper wrote:

> So I have a job that contains 240 tasks and it is taking upwards of 5 
> min to submit to a remote schedd on my LAN. The executable is a 6 line

> .bat file and no other files are being transferred. The most time 
> consuming portion is when condor_submit returns "Spooling data files 
> for 240 jobs". Can anyone give me any suggestions for speeding up the 
> submission?
> Thanks!
> Sean
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