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Re: [Condor-users] Two domains

On Tue July 12 2005 3:52 pm, Bruno Miguel Tavares Goncalves wrote:
> Hi,

> I have condor working with machines on two different subnets
> 192.168.139.xand 192.168.138.x going through two physical network cards
> (eth1 and eth2, respectively) and a third nework card (eth0) for
> comunication with the exterior 170.x.x.x. Are you saying that this is
> supposed to be impossible? I'm currently using 6.7.5.

>From what I know, this shouldn't work, and we get complaints that it doesn't 
work.  If it does work for you, I (and, I'm sure, others on the list) would 
like to know how you got this to work.

With the current Condor code, Condor will bind to the first interface it 
finds.  You can override this by specifying a different interface in 
NETWORK_INTERFACE=, but you can only specify a single interface.


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