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Re: [Condor-users] My jobs won't stay in the queue


condor_history contains a list of all jobs that already completed with status X (if canceled) or C (if completed). Maybe this will work for you if all you want is a list of all completed jobs.(I have no idea why you would want them to remain on the queue list...)


On 7/18/05, Sean Looper <slooper@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I'm running 6.7.7.  My jobs are running fine, but when they complete, they leave the queue.  I would like them to stay in the queue with the status "Complete".  I've tried setting on_exit_remove to a variety of things, but none seem to do what I need.  Here is my submit file. 


universe = vanilla

getenv = true

initialdir = C:/condor/spool

executable = C:/condor/bin/Exec.bat

notification = never

## == False) && (ExitCode == 0))


output = out.txt

error = err.txt

log = log.txt

hold = true


arguments = 11 12




Any ideas?



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