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[Condor-users] Condor links


I work on a Web site at www.clusterbuilder.org.  The site highlights a
broad spectrum of high performance computing related technologies.  It
has links to reviews, comparisons, pricing and other information
related to the many HPC solutions available. The site also allows for
you to complete one request-for-quote form and have multiple hardware
vendors of your choice provide pricing quotes to you.

We need knowledgeable cluster users to submit sites that have proved a
valuable resources to them.  One particular area that we want to make
sure is complete is Cluster Building Kits, which Condor is listed
under. Please take a minute and submit additional links associated
with  Condor, Cluster Building Kits or other areas that will benefit
the HPC community. (To submit content for the site, click on the
Submit Content section on www.clusterbuilder.org).

Thank you for your help.