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[Condor-users] Condor 6.7.9 released

The Condor Team is pleased to announce the release of Condor 6.7.9.
6.7.9 is primarily for the new parallel universe, but also includes many
bug fixes and improvements to Condor-C.

The parallel universe is documented here:

The scripts mentioned in the manual (mp1script for MPICH 1.2.x, and
lamscript for LAM MPI) are included in the examples/ directory of the
Condor release.  You'll also need to add

CONDOR_SSHD = /path/to/sshd (usually /usr/sbin/sshd)
CONDOR_SSH_KEYGEN = /path/to/ssh-keygen (usually /usr/bin/keygen)

to the configuration files of the machines you want to EXECUTE MPI jobs. 

We know that the scripts included will not work out of the box, you'll
have to customize them a little by customizing the path to your MPI
install. We'll be working on making them more generalized and easy to
use during future releases. We also have not created Windows versions
of these scripts, so MPI on Windows still needs to use the MPI Universe.

The Version History can be found here: 

Thanks, and we hope to enjoy 6.7.9!

--The Condor Team