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RE: [Condor-users] Condor on Windows 2003 Server

I figured the firewall configuration was the only problem, but I just
figured I would list everything that I did ... just in case.  Also, if
condor can read the condor_config.local in unix format, then why did I get
install errors with "Couldn't find [COLLECTOR_NAME] in
[condor_config.local]", when [COLLECTOR_NAME] was clearly in
condor_config.local?  The only noticable problem was the file was in unix
format instead of dos format.
Also, even though it *may* work fine with unix format, it's difficult to
directly edit in Windows in that format.

In any case, it all seems to work fine now and this is a really amazing
piece of software.

John Alberts
Technical Assistant for EMS
Purdue University Calumet
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>Here is what I had to do to actually get condor working:

>2.                   Converted condor_config.local from unix to dos format 
>(I did this by opening it in wordpad and clicking save)

This is unnecessary. Condor can read the file in either format.

>3.                   Changed all '/' in paths to '\' in condor_config and 
>condor_config.local (not really necessary because windows is forgiving, 
>but it IS incorrect anyway as it was)

This is unnecessary. Condor does the right thing with the slashes.

>When installing on my first machine and creating the pool, a non-empty 
>condor_config.local was created.  I noticed there was no .exe after the 
>collector and negotiator daemon paths.

It's not incorrect that the .exe is missing: Condor does the right thing 
and finds the proper binary.

I'm glad that you solved your problem though--I think it was just the 
firewall configuration though.


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