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Re: [Condor-users] [help] can't find collector!

On Wednesday 27 July 2005 9:07 pm, hanjingzhao wrote:
> hello
> I am a newcomer to the condor world.
Hello and welcome,

> I installed condor-6.6.10-winnt50-x86.exe on windows2000 sever just now.
> Then i run the commands : condor_collector

In general, you never start the collector by itself (for that matter, any 
Condor daemon except for the Master); start the Master which will run the 
collector for you.  This may solve your problems...

Hmm, from looking at the MasterLog, it looks like it's already started a 
Collector for you...  I'm not sure which of these is running, or what they're 
doing...  Again, kill the collector that you started by hand, and let the 
Collector started by the Master run.

Also notice the lines from the MasterLog:
> 7/27 15:45:19 Can't send UPDATE_MASTER_AD to collector : Failed to connect 
to collector

It seems that we have some kind of configuration inconsistency...

> the result is "could not fetch ads----can't find collector"
> condor_q
> the result is "-- Failed to fetch ads from: <> : ********"

If you look in the CollectorLog, you'll see:
> 7/27 15:45:11 Using config file: C:\Condor\condor_config
> 7/27 15:45:11 Using local config files: C:\Condor/condor_config.local
> 7/27 15:45:11 DaemonCore: Command Socket at <>

However, above, condor_q is trying to talk to the collector at port 1886.  Are 
both pointing at the same condor_config file?  The collector is getting it's 
configuration from c:\Condor\condor_config (as you can see from the log 
snippet), but what about condor_q?  Try this:

condor_config_val local_dir
condor_config_val local_config_file

Do these give you the same directory and file as above?

If so, try this:
condor_config_val collector_host

If this doesn't help you enough, report back the results of the above, and 
hopefully we can figure out what's gone wrong.  Also, attach your config 
files (condor_config and condor_config.local).

Good luck,


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