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[Condor-users] Mismatch between vm's ?


I observe a strange behavior on a Hyperthreading xeon :

1/ the machine is only used by condor
2/ the effective work is done on only two vm's
3/ the two first vm's are swinging between Matched, Preempting ...
4/ the load average is not coherent with the busy vm's : often the busy nodes have the lowest load average and the unclaimed one have the typical load of a busy node (like if the load is wrongly attributed to its vm)
5/ but the last column (time) matches the busy/unclaimed pattern

Condor 6.6.10 on every machines

vm1@ LINUX INTEL  Preempting Vacating   0.000  1010  0+00:01:29
vm2@ LINUX INTEL  Matched    Idle       1.000  1010  0+00:01:19
vm3@ LINUX INTEL  Claimed    Busy       0.970  1010  0+00:51:47
vm4@ LINUX INTEL  Claimed    Busy       0.100  1010  0+00:55:18

REM: I have a similar machine (not HT xeon) Matched but never Claimed
and my seven new dual-Opteron are seen but never Matched, but it is probably another story ...

	Anyway, have a good day,

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