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RE: [Condor-users] Command Case Sensitivity on Windows

> Has anyone noticed that the Condor commands are case sensitive on Windows?

No, I hadn't because they are not case-sensitive. Calling binaries is an OS thing, not a condor thing. I can call my condor binaries with mixed case, or all one case without any problems on my XP Pro machines:


Name          OpSys       Arch   State      Activity   LoadAv Mem   ActvtyTime

vm1@ttc-iches LINUX       INTEL  Owner      Idle       0.000   503  0+09:21:50
vm2@ttc-iches LINUX       INTEL  Owner      Idle       0.000   503  0+09:21:51
vm1@ttc-sunde SOLARIS28   SUN4u  Unclaimed  Idle       0.000  1024  0+00:27:11

> I can understand how the command argument to condor.exe could be
> case sensitive, but I'm confused as to how CONDOR_CONFIG.exe could
> be.  I also noticed that most of commands are case sensitive in
> some way.  For example, condor_status -long works but condor_status
> -LONG does not.

In the case of an command line argument to the binary, case sensitivity is to be expected as interpreting command line arguments is left to the binary and however it was coded by the Condor team. In this case they've opted for case-sensitive options (so that -c and -C can be different commands). But binary calling semantics are handled by the OS (and the shell as well, which in Windows is cmd.exe).

Which Windows version are you using? Which version of cmd.exe are you using as your shell on Windows? Maybe that has something to do with it. I don't run Win2003 but perhaps that has case-sensitive file improvements in it that XP did not...

- Ian