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[Condor-users] Command Case Sensitivity on Windows

Has anyone noticed that the Condor commands are case sensitive on Windows?


For example:



ERROR: unknown command condor_RECONFIG

Usage: condor [command] [general-options] [targets]





ERROR: unknown command CONDOR_RECONFIG

Usage: condor [command] [general-options] [targets]


But this works:


C:\>condor reconfig

Sent "Reconfig" command to local master


I can understand how the command argument to condor.exe could be case sensitive, but I’m confused as to how CONDOR_CONFIG.exe could be.  I also noticed that most of commands are case sensitive in some way.  For example, condor_status -long works but condor_status –LONG does not.


Just thought I’d mention it.


Bryan Maher

Carnegie Mellon University