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[Condor-users] state file location in CondorG

I'm trying to get CondorG going but when I submit
a job it keeps going into the held (H) state. The
GRAM logfile revealed this error:

6/2 15:36:32 JM: Creating and locking state lock file
6/2 15:36:32 JM: Failed to open state lock file
'/tmp/globus/job.ulgsmp1.liv.ac.uk.29536.1117722989.lock', e rrno=2
6/2 15:36:32 JM: error writing the state file

When I created /tmp/globus on the remote machine with 777 permission it seems to work file. globus-job-run seems to work OK without this so I'm assuming that its location is specified in Condor ? If so where ? there doesn't seem to be any reference to it in condor_config.