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Re: [Condor-users] Condorg: Permission denied (publickey,password)

On Jun 2, 2005, at 7:31 PM, Vineet Chadha wrote:

In my server where i am submitting a job, I have created following
script called "test"
/bin/echo hello
test is executable.

Now following doesnot work

executable = /home/foo/bin/test
globusscheduler = xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/jobmanager
universe = globus
error = globus-test.err
output = globus-test.out
log = globus-test.log
queue = submit

where as
globus-job-run xxx.xxx.xxx.edu/jobmanager /home/vam000/bin/test
works fine

First, your executables are different. I'll assume that's a typo.

Second, Condor transfers your executable from your submit machine to the gatekeeper by default, while globus-job-run doesn't. To have globus-job-run transfer the executable, add the -s argument. To have Condor not transfer the executable, add the following line to your submit file:

transfer_executable = false

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