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Re: [Condor-users] Hawkeye module and condor_q problems in condor-6.6.6

On Mon June 6 2005 3:13 pm, Chris Green wrote:
> Hi,

Hello Crhis,

I'll respond to the Hawkeye portion of your message (as the Hawkeye author...)

> I'm having problems with hawkeye modules under condor v6.6.6: sometimes I
> get continuous: 'Cron: Job 'blah' is still running!' messages, even though
> I can't find the processes in the process list any more. is there any way
> to fix this short of bouncing the startd?

This message means that when Hawkeye tried to run the "blah" job next time, 
the previous "blah" that it had started was still running.

Hawkeye has basically has two options at this point:
1. Kill the old one and start the new one
2. Let the old one live, skip this one.

The default behavior is #2.

In and of itself, it's not hurting anything, but you might want to speed up 
whatever processing "blah" is doing or increase the period.

Hope this helps.  :-)


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