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Re: [Condor-users] can't get Condor-G job to run

On Jun 9, 2005, at 4:35 AM, Dr Ian C. Smith wrote:

--On 08 June 2005 10:36 -0500 Jaime Frey <jfrey@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


Can you try starting the gahp_server at the command line and typing the
following line at it:
CACHE_PROXY_FROM_FILE 1 /tmp/x509up_u41269

That is the command that's failing. What does the gahp server reply? If
the command succeeds, it will print a single 'S'.

No I just get a single 'E' printed.

Hmm, that indicates a syntax error. Make sure there are no spaces at the
beginning or end of the line and only a single space between the strings.

Ooops my mistake. I missed the "1" out. I do get a single 'S' printed.

OK, so that means there's something different between the environment of your command line and that of Condor (environment here meaning the entire execution environment, not just the env variables). The usual culprit is Condor not finding the same CA certificates directory, though I've never seen the specific error message you're getting.

See what Globus/X509-related environment variables are set in your shell and relaunch the condor_master with them set the same.

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