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RE: [Condor-users] condor_q -xml bug?

Oh what I wouldn't give for grep.  :)  Unfortunately, I'm on Windows.
I'm just coding a workaround now that removes any text that occurs
before the first XML tag.  If I find I need to remove more, I will write
a more complicated parsing function.  



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>Thanks for the quick reply.  I see what you're saying about separating
>between multiple schedd results.  I'm not familiar enough with XML to
>know, but is there a way to use some sort of remark/comment tags on
>either sides of the non-XML information?.

Sure--it would just require a more complex XML language. Not a lot more 
complex, but it was that much extra to do.

>  Maybe that would allow an XML
>parser to just ignore those areas.  As it stands, piping the XML output
>directly into another application just doesn't seem doable.

It seems like you can pipe it through "grep -v", then into another 
application, and you're all set. Does that work for you?


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