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[Condor-users] FW: When condor_store_cred add, Failure occured


I just try to install the condor 6.6.9 Mar 10 2005 on my WinXP platform. (SP2)

When I run the condor_store_cred add, and type a password , a information shows that failure occurs. Could anyone give me some suggestions on this situation?


I:\>condor_store_cred add

Account: Chunming@BIHAM

Enter password:

Failure occurred.



It is said this operation is asked for SYSTEM role, while my account is already in the Administrators group of my XP.


Thank you.

Chunming Hu




HU, Chunming


Grid Research Group

Institute of Advanced Computing Technology, Beihang University (http://act.buaa.edu.cn)

Room 803, Shining Tower, 35# Xueyuan Rd., Haidian District, Beijing 10083 P.R.China

Now working at Faraday, 6001. University of Southampton, Highfield Campus.


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