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re: [Condor-users] Flocking to other pools didn't work for me

"Aln Sai Srinivas - CTD, Chennai" <alnsai@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>	I'm a new user to Condor. I've installed Condor 6.6.9 on Rehat Linux
>machine as central manager. I also installed it on 3 other linux machines as
>execute machines.I could have successfully submitted jobs among them. I
>tried make them two seperate pools and tried for flocking. But I couldn't
>succeed. I follwed the instruction's mentioned in the manual.

Do you have your condor_config file(s) on a shared filesystem?  If not, realize the the flock settings cannot just appear in the central manager config files... If i recall correctly, the flock_to settings are used by the schedd (submit) machines, and the flock_from settings need to be present available to the target pool's central manager and startds (i.e. all execute machines).  

If this doesn't help, take a look in the SchedLog on your submit machine... Any errors?  How about the Collector log on cm1... Especially look for PERMISSION DENIED messages. 


>	Changed defnitions in Pool A - central manager - cm.mygrid.com	
>	$FLOCK_TO = cm1.mygrid.com
>	Pool B - central manager - cm1.mygrid.com
>	$FLOCK_FROM = cm.hclgrid.com
>I left all the remaining as default..Could you plz help me in connecting
>Condor pools and where I'm missing..
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