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RE: [Condor-users] Restarting comms with XP nodes (SP2 UDP bugette)

Surely if your xpnode has dropped from the list, then condor_reconfig <xpnode> will
not be able to find the node, at least not remotely, since no longer "known" to the

I have found that running any condor commands on the m/cs themselves will
remind them that they are part of the pool, the problem is loggin on to them
to do that.


PS I have the same problem with XP m/cs not running SP2.
PPS I must try TCP soon to see if that sorts it out
PPPS I believe there has been a recent XP OS patch that may have fixed the cause of this
     at the MS end, at least for SP2.

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If you are having problems with your master dropping connections with
Windows XP nodes (which are running SP2), due to the UDP bug and have not
as yet moved over to using TCP connections then...

Issuing a condor_reconfig <node>

Will re-establish the connection. e.g. condor_reconfig xpnode0

Maybe this note will be useful to some people.



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