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RE: [Condor-users] negotiating with schedds when a client has FW


Your suggestion is good if you strongly believe in people's goodwill. :-)
The thing is that you cannot really rely on it if you have dozens of
colleagues in different
buildings, but more importantly, the firewall is not the only and not even
the major source
of this kind of problems. Network has very complex structure at our uni and
firewall rules
are on and constantly changing between VLANs; there are faulty switches,
My point was that this is to be expected in any live system other than
trivial and Condor should
have mechanism to overcome those issues and not to stumble upon them.



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> Andrey (maybe also Dan)
> I had similar problems in my pool caused by people adding 
> firewalls unexpectedly
> on their machines. When I tried to add new machines to the 
> pool, I had to go round all
> machine owners and try and persuade them to open up firewalls 
> for this new machine
> as I had no admin rights.
> What I came up with I refer to as "Firewall Mirroring" and is 
> described in
> http://tardis.dl.ac.uk/Condor/docs/FW_condor.pdf
> and
> http://tardis.dl.ac.uk/Condor/slides/FW_Avoidance.ppt 
> The idea is to try and persuade Condor not to send jobs to 
> machines which cannot be
> reached from the submit node.
> I hope it is of some use.
> Cheers
> JK
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