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Re: [Condor-users] X86_64 Cluster refuses to run INTEL jobs?


Yes you are correct I am using a globus toolkit and no I don't think this is isolated to globus since I have not used it to submit jobs. If I take a simple job submission that works on the X86_64 headnode and run it through condor_submit on the i386 node it fails to match to any host. If I take the same job and change the requirements to ((Arch=="X86_64")||(Arch=="INTEL")) it will run. I have found the section of condor.pm that I would need to modify, but that seems like an ungly hack to me since once globus supports the distinction of i386 and x86_64 it will more than likley run into trouble.

My problem is that the negotiator SHOULD be matching INTEL jobs with X86_64 execution nodes.


Robert E. Parrott wrote:

By "vdt" I assume you're speaking of a globus toolkit.

Find a file called "condor.pm" and look for a section of the file, that writes the part of the condor submit script that indicates the "Requirements" of the job. To this section, add some code that checks if the arch is "intel", and if so, modify the requirement to include both "INTEL" or "X86_64"
as the Arch.

This is not really a condor question, but a related globus question.