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[Condor-users] Behaviour of Windows "copy" command?


If I submit a simple windows batch jop thus:

rem Test file copy operations
echo Testing 0 > %CONDOR_SCRATCH_DIR%test0.txt
copy test0.txt test1.txt
copy %CONDOR_SCRATCH_DIR%test0.txt %CONDOR_SCRATCH_DIR%test2.txt
copy test0.txt c:\windows\temp\test3.txt
copy c:\windows\temp\test3.txt %CONDOR_SCRATCH_DIR%test3.txt
copy test0.txt c:\condor\execute\test4.txt
copy c:\condor\execute\test4.txt %CONDOR_SCRATCH_DIR%test4.txt

I happily receive back the files ... test0.txt test1.txt and test2.txt

any files which are copied around do not come back!

The file test3.txt is created in c:\windows\temp, but is not copied back
to the scratch dir and then onto the submitter!

But, I see no file in c:\condor\execute at all ...

Any ideas? I need to copy files around as I have software with hard coded
paths for its output files and need to copy them to the temporary condor
execute folder for automagic file transfer back to the submitter ...